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Contribute Directly From Your Salary

Payroll giving is an easy and flexible way that you can support the life-saving work of PETA through your monthly salary on a tax-free basis.

There are many benefits to animals of donating to PETA through payroll giving:

  • A regular and consistent income stream allows PETA to plan ahead and budget for the future.
  • Low administrative costs mean more of the money that you donate can go straight to helping animals.
  • Payroll-giving donations are deducted before tax, so each £1 you give will cost you only 80p, and if you pay taxes at a higher rate, it will cost you only 60p. PETA receives total donations, including tax, without having to reclaim tax at a later date – again saving us money on administrative costs.
  • Many employers choose to match their employees' gifts, and some even double-match their contributions.

How to 'Give as You Earn'
All you need to do is speak to your payroll department about whether your organisation is registered for payroll giving. If it is, just give the payroll department liaisons PETA's charity number (1056453) and state how much you want to donate, and they will do the rest.

It is completely up to you how much you choose to donate to PETA. Even donating just one hour of your monthly salary can do so much (as a rough guide for people who work 40 hours per week, if you take your monthly salary and divide that by 160 hours, you'll have your hourly pre-tax salary):

  • A gift of £5 will help ensure that we always have the resources in place to be able to respond immediately when a call comes in about an animal in need.
  • A gift of £10 will help pay for us to produce informative and helpful guides to healthier and more compassionate lifestyles (such as our vegan starter kit) and help ensure that these can always be available to everyone free of charge.
  • A gift of £15 will help us organise high-profile demonstrations to draw public attention to the terrible suffering of animals everywhere.
  • A gift of £20 will help pay for us to work with policy- and decision-makers when new laws are proposed and to be a voice for animals on issues which have a direct impact on their lives.

Your employer will deduct the amount that you choose to donate from your salary before the income tax is taken out. Your donation will then be passed on to the payroll-giving agency selected by your employer, who will in turn forward your gift on to PETA.

Please contact for any more information on payroll giving.